Feijão e Sonho

Album Cover

Feijão e Sonho

François Muleka • Feijão e Sonho

François is Brazilian and his parents, natives of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Always had a mix of Brazilian music with African reference.

“Music is natural as the air for me. I’ve never been without music around. As the body needs to feed, I found in music a livelihood. But it as food for the spirit, soul, intellect or anything that moves and inhabits this body is there since I became aware of myself. So the music does not define my personality, the music I make is a manifestation of my personality.”


Smart Solution

We try to translate the album project references and backgrounds of the artist through a palette of strong colors that bring the identity of Afro-Brazilian culture.
Typography with style handwriting in the album title, seeks to represent the influence of craftsmanship present in both cultures.
Photos of Denny Sach express all the strength and beauty of the tropical mix of Brazilian scene with the artist’s sensitivity.